About Jonathon Mann

This blog has been setup to alert the public to Jonathon Steven Mann’s  (who is a  convicted fraudster) activities.

Who can you trust? Once you know the background, you may decide to place your trust elsewhere.

Following is a list of Jonathon Mann‘s known activities.

20 Sep 2011 – Jonathon Mann pleads guilty at Court Hearing.   Ministry of Economic Development investigation relates to the company HQ Physiology Limited.  The charges relate to Mr Mann managing the company whilst being prohibited and filing false statements.

27 Sep 2010 – IHO Holdings Limited incorporated

July 2010 – Sentenced by the Auckland District Court for cheque fraud.

August 2009 – Health Ministry springs fake gym physio (convicted November 2009)

17 Jul 2009 – IHO Ltd incorporated

March 2009 – HQ Physiology placed in receivership

09 May 2007 – HQ PHYSIOLOGY LIMITED incorporated – Jonathon Mann Director.

May 2007 – Disqualified from being a Director (Section 382(1) Companies Act 1993) until May 2012

2005 – Dentalman book fiasco – “Dentalman and Friends – Louise Gets a Toothache” published by Chiroman Enterprises Ltd Copyright 2005

2003 – Imported a container; things went missing

I found Jonathon Mann oozed with charm. He told me that he had been in the British Marines (unconfirmed). And that he was going to become a chiropractor and then an osteopath (he was released from both Auckland schools without qualifications – to state this plainly Jonathon is NOT qualified as a physiotherapist, chiropractor or an osteopath).

If you are planning to employ someone, engage them as a tenant or invest money with them, always request a background check.

There appears to be a pattern as to how Jonathon Mann operates:  surround yourself with reputable people (people who have done extensive training such as plumbers, chiropractors, dentists and doctors), take money from them and leave them with a product they cannot sell. Large amounts are charged to set up web sites. Current girl friends become involved in the business.

If you have been taken in by Jonathon Mann (also known as JONATHAN STEVEN MANN and Jonathon Steven MacDonald) please feel free to contact me by leaving your comments below.

“Most don’t know the difference between advice from rich people and advice from sales people. Don’t get your financial advice from the latter — people who profit even if you lose.” Robert Kiyosaki

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